Hosted by Kayla Reilly

The 5 Steps to a Perfect Puppy:

Learn the proven method I’ve developed after years of working with hundreds of puppies and their families to help them get started on the right paw.

Stop stressing and start enjoying your puppy for a lifetime today!

Here's What You'll Learn:

The 5 Step Process I use when training puppies how to become awesome family members while enjoying your puppy more and stressing less

The 4 Major Mistakes to avoid when training your puppy (this will save you so much time)

Why you don't need to spend hours a day training your dog and what to do instead

How to work with me more closely to turn your puppy into the dog of your dreams

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Hi, I'm Kayla!

I’m a professional dog trainer who helps dog owners communicate with their dogs and unlock their fullest potential everyday by helping them become the best human-dog team they can be!

I am a dog mom to three and trainer & 🐶 friend to many! I love being active with my husband and dog fam, including them in every possible aspect of my life, including snuggling on the couch watching Netflix and learning new things!

Why I created this course...

Because training a dog is so much more than “sit” and “down.”

After working with so many dogs and seeing them miss out on skills and experiences during important puppy stages, it was clear to me that more owners need to be guided through the process of dog training.

As someone who has personally raised three puppies of my own (and arguably only two the right way), I have made all the mistakes for you, and curated a path so you don’t have to follow in my footsteps.

It all started with an adorable little Boxer puppy, who quickly became a fully grown, leash aggressive, hyperactive dog, with a knack for selective listening.

It ended with leaving my career behind to become a dog trainer and help everyone out there that was “stuck” in the same place that I was. (Not to mention the most amazing relationship with the best dog a girl could ever ask for😭).

Dog ownership doesn’t have to mean signing up for a lifetime of chasing your dog down the street, being frustrated when they don’t listen, or having to pull out the lunchmeat to do a quick nail trim.

In order to help more people take their puppy and turn them into their dream dog, we are releasing our proprietary training system to the public!

Am I crazy? I might be!

But I want to make sure we can help as many families as possible achieve their goals with their dogs, and it starts here!

Are you ready to have the puppy of your dreams in 4 weeks?

More importantly, are you ready to learn how to build an amazing relationship with your puppy and a foundation of that will set you up for a lifetime of success?


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