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Dear Amazing Dog Owner:

We are so excited that you’ve taken the first step to getting help with your awesome dog, and you’ve landed in the right place. Whatever behavior or training issue that you’re facing right now, we just want you to know:

You’re not alone in this. And there is no need to feel embarrassed or frustrated anymore. We got your back.

Please fill out the questionnaire, and we’ll be in touch within the next 24-48 hrs.

We look forward to connecting with you and helping you.

-Kayla Reilly

Some Love From Our Happy Clients

"Kayla was absolutely life changing for me. I got Skyy as a puppy after losing my husband to cancer and not sure I knew what I was getting into. She was a normal, crazy black lab. But my neighbors told me about Kayla since their dogs had been through training with her. I saw their dogs and was amazed at their obedience so I took the plunge and sent her away for the board and train. Honestly when I picked her up I couldn’t believe it was the same dog. And neither could my adult children! Kayla is amazing and I still send Skyy to her for boarding because I am always a proponent of reinforcement. Kayla’s training is amazing but you must be sure to continue what she teaches you and your dog. Honestly amazing is all I can say!"
Meg F.
"When we first brought our German Shorthaired Puppy home, we knew right away we were in for it! His energy was off the charts and he did not seem to care to listen to us at all! We called Everywhere Dog and knew they were the right fit for us the moment we met them.

When Kayla came over for the consultation, she also met our 5 year old lab who had issues of her own (jumping while greeting/pulling on walks/leash aggression). We figured she was too old and too far gone to train. Kayla assured us she was not and she was right!

We worked for several weeks with Kayla and our two dogs each on their own training regimen. Each session we saw major improvements in BOTH dogs. Today, both dogs walk wonderfully on a leash and the walk is actually enjoyable! Although we still love to snuggle them, there are boundaries and they know they need to be given permission to do certain things. They are much more polite when greeting guests now and the puppy is no longer a counter surfer!

Everywhere dog has changed our lives! (and saved our sanity with 2 dogs!). We can't wait to work more with Kayla on off leash training next.

I recommend Everywhere Dog to every person who gets a new puppy or has a old dog that needs to break those old habits. Having a well mannered dog is worth every second of training, energy and dollar."
The White Family
"We signed on with Kayla and Everywhere Dog for the 1 year Puppy program. We are on year 3 of Bouvier parenting and are beyond thankful we made that choice. Kayla spent so much time with us as a family and Osito alone. Working with Osito, creating boundaries with Osito, working with our 6 year old and Osito together. You name it, Kayla conquered it. Our dog is such an amazing family companion and so well adjusted to our family’s habits. Without Kayla I know this would never have been accomplished. From hiking, to dining out, to road trips, and just playing video games with our son, even being crated, Kayla has helped us and Osito coexist. If we get another dog in the future- Kayla will be my first call."
The Martino Family