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Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of training your dog yourself? Then let us train your dog for you with our board & train service!

With this package, your dog will stay in my home with my family, dogs, and kitty for a minimum of three weeks. We will cover everything from the basics to advanced work like learning to heel off-leash. Everywhere Dog’s Board & Train service is comprised of in-home and real-world experiences designed to prepare your dog for everyday life. Your dog will receive consistent training to help him understand which behaviors are acceptable and which ones won’t be tolerated. We’ll also teach your dog to remember his training even with distractions, so you can be confident that he will look to you for guidance, no matter what unexpected events pop up.

Everywhere Dog’s Board & Train service is a great choice for traveling clients, clients looking for quick off-leash reliability & amazing obedience skills, or dogs struggling with fearful behavior, mild aggression, and other issues. Most dogs will be ready for outdoor off-leash work by the end of the program. During your dog’s stay you and your family will be provided with coursework so you can learn everything your dog is learning. Once your dog is ready to go home, you will both be on the same page so you can be ready to enjoy a future of good behavior!

What does this program include?

  • Basic obedience commands, including “sit”, “down”, and “place”. We will also cover holding commands, calm crate behavior, how to walk politely on the leash, and how to be a rockstar in the car. Your dog will learn essential off-leash skills like “come”, “heel”, “stay with me”, and many more.
  • Depending on your dog’s needs, we may also focus on being calm in the home, potty training, play biting, jumping, leash aggressiveness, anxiety, fear-based behaviors, and mild to moderate aggression. We’ll assess your dog’s behavioral issues and provide them with the consistent training they need to overcome them. Dogs with moderate to severe behavioral issues may require additional training time.
  • Daily socialization sessions with our dogs, and experience working around a balanced pack. Being around other dogs helps build your dog’s confidence so he can be on his best behavior even when you’re at the dog park or just out and about.
  • Up to 7 hours of private instruction.
  • Access to our Online Client Community, a judgment-free space where you can discuss your dog’s progress and celebrate his successes with other clients just like you.
  • Immediate access to our Online Training Course. Each unit has been designed to help you reach a particular goal. You will also be given homework tailored to your dog’s unique training needs.
  • Lifetime email support. As long as you are working on a goal, we will be here to help. We love seeing you and your dog succeed!
  • With this service, all training tools are included. Which training tools your dog will need can vary, and may include a prong collar, transitional leash, slip lead, head halter, and E-Collar (E-Collar Technologies ET-300, ME-300, or ET-900).

Starting at $4150

Pricing for our Board & Train service varies depending on the length of the program, as well as your dog’s individual training needs. Most families can expect to pay between $4150-$6500.

Client Testimonials

"We adopted Steeler from a family friend and he came with a bad reputation. I witnessed this first hand the day I brought him home and he bolted out of the car, into the street and sprinted 3/4 mile away. Suddenly bringing this dog into our home felt very overwhelming.

I called Kayla hopeful she could help us leash train him and teach him basic commands - but she far exceeded my expectations. Steeler attended a board and train and came home “a movie dog”.

My husband and I have had dogs our whole lives and have never had a dog this well behaved. Steeler goes everywhere with us. We plan our vacations so that he can join us. We trust him off leash on hikes and in our non-fenced yard but also when a kid accidentally leaves the front door wide open.

Kayla gave us a life with our dog we never imagined was possible."
The Thompsons
"Everywhere Dog has opened up a whole world for him that he wouldn’t have been able to experience otherwise, and I cannot thank you enough for that. I was trying to manage my expectations going into this and telling myself that if he is just able to walk safely on a leash by the end of this then I will be so grateful. As bad as his reactivity was before he started training with you, it seemed like too much to hope for much else. I am so proud of him, and so thankful to you for helping him to not only learn how to be obedient but helping him learn to relax and not have to be so anxious all of the time. This is such a gift to him that will also have such a profound impact on the lives of my entire family. You are doing amazing things, and I am so thankful for you!!!"
Steffanee A.

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