Private Training

Whether your dog has behavioral issues that need to be addressed or his training just needs a tune-up, our 8-Week Overhaul course can help.

If you just brought your new dog home with hopes of instant companionship, only to be disappointed when he chews on your furniture, barks at your neighbors, and ignores all of your commands, then our 8-Week Overhaul course can help. Our Private Training sessions are tailored to suit your dog’s individual needs so you can unleash your dog’s true potential and build the lifelong bond you’ve been dreaming of.

Understanding your dog is key to training him properly. At Everywhere Dog, we have the experience and knowledge to help you get to the root of your dog’s behavior issues. By showing you how to establish clear boundaries for your dog, our Private Training sessions will set you and your canine companion up for success!

What does this program include?

During your Private Training sessions, Kayla will work with you and your dog in your home and neighborhood — safe spaces where you both feel at ease. Learning basic commands and overcoming behavioral issues on familiar turf will help you transfer those skills over once you finally take your dog out into the real world. As you advance through the course, we’ll help you teach your dog to retain his training, even with distractions.

Everywhere Dog’s 8-Week Overhaul program includes:

  • Basic obedience commands. Teach your dog all of the fundamental skills they need to know for everyday life, like “sit”, “stay”, and “down”.
  • Personalized behavior modification training for dogs struggling with mild leash aggression, play biting, jumping, anxiety, fear-based behaviors, and other issues.
  • If your dog needs some help with potty training or crate training, or if he’s having trouble walking politely on the leash, we will devote time during our sessions to helping him overcome these obstacles.
  • 8 hours of private instruction time
  • Access to our Online Training Course. Each unit of the course provides you and your dog with a specific training goal. We will also assign homework to help you achieve it.
  • Access to our Online Client Community, where you can get in touch with other dog owners who are going through the same coursework. This online support network is a judgment-free space where you can offer up advice and share your success stories with other dog owners.
  • Lifetime email support. When you sign up for a course with Everywhere Dog, you become a part of our family! Even after your training is complete, we will be happy to assist you in the future to help you meet all of your training goals.
  • Depending on your dog’s unique needs, you will also receive training tools, which may include a prong collar, transitional leash, slip lead, head halter, or E-Collar (E-Collar Technologies ET-300, ME-300, or ET-900).

Starting at $2050

At Everywhere Dog, we understand that our clients have varying needs and schedules. We will work with you to create a Private Training program that works for you. Most families can expect to pay $2050 to $3500. Contact Everywhere Dog today to discuss Private Training options for you and your furry friend.

Client Testimonials

"I was so happy with Kayla from Everywhere Dog. These are my first dogs that needed a trainer and I was very skeptical about getting one but I wanted to be able enjoy having friends and family over without having anxiety of how there were going to react. Kayla had helped my two dogs but also trained my family which helps keep the dogs calm. You can just see from the beginning to the end in the Max and Apollo video. I have been recommending her to everyone I meet."
The Schwarz Family
"When we first brought our German Shorthaired Puppy home, we knew right away we were in for it! His energy was off the charts and he did not seem to care to listen to us at all! We called Everywhere Dog and knew they were the right fit for us the moment we met them.

When Kayla came over for the consultation, she also met our 5 year old lab who had issues of her own (jumping while greeting/pulling on walks/leash aggression). We figured she was too old and too far gone to train. Kayla assured us she was not and she was right!

We worked for several weeks with Kayla and our two dogs each on their own training regimen. Each session we saw major improvements in BOTH dogs. Today, both dogs walk wonderfully on a leash and the walk is actually enjoyable! Although we still love to snuggle them, there are boundaries and they know they need to be given permission to do certain things. They are much more polite when greeting guests now and the puppy is no longer a counter surfer!

Everywhere dog has changed our lives! (and saved our sanity with 2 dogs!). We can't wait to work more with Kayla on off leash training next.

I recommend Everywhere Dog to every person who gets a new puppy or has a old dog that needs to break those old habits. Having a well mannered dog is worth every second of training, energy and dollar."
The White Family
"Knowing Kayla for years now, I have always admired how well behaved her own dog Lainey is. I was thrilled to have Kayla recently work with our rescue dog Rita. Kayla worked diligently on training our once very anxious and wild street dog to an amazing pet for our family. From staying in place, to walking so pleasantly on a leash, to being an amazingly well behaved, fun loving family dog. There are often times that I am approached by other dog owners inquiring about the training Rita has been through and I am pleased to highly recommend Kayla and Everywhere Dog!"
The Conrad Family

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