Puppy Training

Everywhere Dog’s In-home Puppy Training program will give your furry friend the best start in life by teaching him all of the skills he needs to know to become an obedient and reliable companion.

You just brought your new puppy home, and you couldn’t be more excited. You know your new furry friend is brimming with potential, and you want to be sure he gets the right training. Creating a communication system early on lays the groundwork for a successful future for your pup so you can achieve all of your training endeavors as he grows.

Every puppy needs to know the basics. Obedience training is a must, but you also want to establish a strong bond with your new puppy and correct behavioral issues like nipping and play-biting before they turn into something bigger. At Everywhere Dog, we focus on relationship-based training that will allow you to teach your puppy everything he needs to know, while also showing him that he can count on you for guidance no matter what situation you find yourselves in.

What does this program include?

It’s a myth that you have to wait until your puppy is a certain age before beginning his training. The sooner you start working with your puppy, the better! Everywhere Dog’s In-home Puppy Training course is an 8-week program perfect for dogs aged 6 months or younger. Here’s what’s included.

  • Basic obedience commands. Your new puppy will learn all of the fundamentals, including “sit”, “stay”, and walking nicely on a leash. Teaching your puppy these standard commands first will allow you to excel in more advanced training later on down the road.
  • Personalized training focusing on immediate concerns. If your puppy needs some help with potty training, socializing, jumping, or play biting, we will spend a portion of our sessions working to correct these issues. We will also help your puppy build confidence, so he can remain calm in the crate, in the car, and everywhere else he goes!
  • 8 hours of private training time
  • Access to our Online Client Community. Share stories and training tips in this judgment-free space with other clients just like you!
  • Immediate access to our Online Training Course. Each unit in the course is designed to help you and your puppy reach a goal. We will also give you homework to help you meet that goal.
  • Lifetime email support. At Everywhere Dog, we’re committed to helping you and your puppy excel in your training. Even after you finish our In-home Puppy Training course, we’ll be there to help you reach all of your future training goals!


At the beginning of the program, we will work with your puppy in your home and neighborhood. Starting in a controlled environment will help you and your puppy feel calm and confident. As your pup’s training progresses, we’ll move to new locations and add distractions to help improve his focus so he remembers his training, no matter where you go!

Starting at $2050

Our 8-week Puppy Training course will give your four-legged best friend an excellent starting point. If you’d like to continue your pup’s training, contact Everywhere Dog today to learn more about our 1-Year Puppy Program. We will work with you and your dog as he grows from puppy to young adult to shape him into the loyal, loving companion that you know he is at heart!

Client Testimonials

"We signed on with Kayla and Everywhere Dog for the 1 year Puppy program. We are on year 3 of Bouvier parenting and are beyond thankful we made that choice. Kayla spent so much time with us as a family and Osito alone. Working with Osito, creating boundaries with Osito, working with our 6 year old and Osito together. You name it, Kayla conquered it. Our dog is such an amazing family companion and so well adjusted to our family’s habits. Without Kayla I know this would never have been accomplished. From hiking, to dining out, to road trips, and just playing video games with our son, even being crated, Kayla has helped us and Osito coexist. If we get another dog in the future- Kayla will be my first call."
The Martino Family
"I highly recommend Kayla if you want to change you and your dog’s life. Her extensive knowledge of dog behavior and calm confident nature makes sessions enjoyable, engaging, and fun! She teaches way more than the basic commands and customizes each session to meet the needs of each family. I can’t express how thankful I am to have had Kayla as a trainer for Lulu. If you are wanting a well behaved dog then Kayla is the trainer for you!"
The Fasy Family

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